The Pandemic Challenge : Grow Now

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash
  1. Community | Specific community needs will vary, but growing community investment is possible everywhere. Conduct virtual non-profit board meetings, do local take-out, shop local grocers for local food supplies or participate in online faith services.
  2. Compassion | Compassion is a deep concern for others — consider who needs your attention now more than ever, and grow your time for that.
  3. Faith | Faith is one of the 4 ‘F’s (including family, friendships and finding meaningful work) that Arthur Brooks’ research says we need for happiness in life…. so consider what you can do to invest in your own spiritual growth. What friends or family might be interested to converse about this, what books can you read, what online services can you participate in to grow this?
  4. Fitness | As schedules shift, perhaps the absence of a daily commute means that doors are open to take on a new activity that can make a difference in your physical wellness. Grow that!
  5. Friendships| Remote reunions of one or many are reigniting forgotten frienships. Video makes growing relationships — even at a distance — somehow more feasible to do.
  6. Gardens |Oftentimes gardens are planted in the spring and then they are harvested in the late summer without an eye to all that happens in-between. They go from sprout to dry leaves without noticing their daily transformation. A kitchen garden outside — or even herbs in a pot — will do to watch these natural things bloom and grow!
  7. Knowledge | Grow what you know! MOOCs, company sponsored learning initiatives, subscribing to something new, reading new material and connecting with new experts are all ways in which you can grow too.
  8. Networks| Social media makes connection possible — even when confined by space. Growing your personal network of experts can mean uncovering new things for YOU to learn and grow from too.

A lover of wisdom, dedicated to imagining what we can build and achieve together. Founder & Chief Curator |The Museum of Ideas

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