What If There Can Be a Better Us in Space?

The Space Race Now and What it Means for Humanity

Shannon Mullen O'Keefe
10 min readJan 22, 2021

The Museum of Ideas: Conversations on the Blue Couch Series

By Shannon Mullen O’Keefe M.A.L.D. & Lakshmi Karan Ph.D.

“[Hemisphere] where the true Tract of this most surprising Zone of Light is distinguished amongst the principal Stars.” | Thomas Wright’s An Original Theory or New Hypothesis of the Universe via Public Domain Review.

We are again on the cusp of a giant leap forward in possibilities for humanity.

Remember what a big deal it was way back on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon? Americans put a flag on the moon and they left a sign there.

But, consider this.

Now there are people aiming to do a lot more than that in space and those who dominate space will probably hold a great deal of power for years to come.

So, it will matter to future generations of humans that we pay close attention to what is happening in space now.

The problem is that we’ve got our hands full down here on earth with things like the coronavirus and how many people will choose to get vaccinated for it and other things like the current state of politics, poverty, global warming, and the economy, so it is easy not to pay attention.

Even so, we must pay attention now.



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